About Donna

Biography of Donna Yanus, RDH, RYT 500hr
Hi I’m Donna Yanus I received my dental hygiene degree at Luzerne County Community College and continued my dental education at Penn Dental School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was during this time that I was introduced to my first guided meditation. I considered it nothing less than a miracle!  As  a young student, I found it very difficult to focus.  Meditation was the antidote.  It not only increased my grades, but after a few sessions I gained physical energy by reducing my stress level. Eventually  I found most of the answers I was searching for were hidden by the constant chatter in my brain. Soon after relocating to Florida I integrated the physical postures (Hatha yoga) and continued practicing for many years. Following the completion of yoga teacher training at The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga and Health, I was inspired to share this precious gift.

Many of my students,  family and friends are in the health care or medical field.  Others have been “in home” caregivers.  Each day they experience new challenges, both physical and emotional.  Caregivers stream a continuous flow of love and compassion for others each day.  Yoga for caregivers is designed to restore and renourish  that outpouring of emotions. Yoga is the perfect, and most natural solution to add strength and vitality to the body and mind.  The benefits have been scientifically documented throughout the world.  If practiced with a safe and knowledgeable instructor, the only risks could be symptoms of inner peace. These I witness in many students on a regular basis .

Start enjoying your life in the present moment.  Try my free guided meditation on this page, and find what you already have inside.



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