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Here are some testimonials from Donna’s students!
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Restorative Yoga has improved my relaxation, helped my breathing and muscle stretching. I find I sleep better after yoga, and have less arthritis symptoms for one or two days after class. Donna is excellent she explains the concepts so we understand the practice. She diversifies the class focusing on all of the body and soul.

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Patricia W.

My body as a whole feels better and is more flexible. My posture has improved and my husband even noticed it.
I use deep breathing to relax everyday. I appreciate all the help you have shared, it is clear you care.

Deborah S.

I feel total relaxation and well being. Class seems to fly. Donna is a wonderful teacher. I would take her class everyday if she were teaching everyday.

Carol P.

Yoga allows me to slow down the pace in my body and mind. The physicality of yoga makes me be in touch with my health and fitness. It challenges me to improve myself. Donna is a fantastic teacher with a great sense of patience and enthusiasm.care.

Jared L.

As a recovery, strengthening and stretching practice, Donna’s yoga class has helped me to continue to be able to play soccer competitively at the ripe old age of 48.

Tim S.

Yanus Yoga brings the element of nature into your being. I feel comfortable to work at my own pace. The rooftop experience allows you to dwell in your own nirvana for an hour of self- bliss. Thanks Yogi Donna for an extraordinary experience.

Jill O.

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